OST: Сезон 3

Original Score (Season 3)

Fringe score season3
Fringe: Season 3
Композитор: Крис Тилтон
Дата релиза: 3 апреля 2012
Продолжительность: 1:16:31
Лейбл: Varèse Sarabande

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Название трека Эпизод
1 The Escape From Liberty Olivia
2 Slow Motion Sickness The Plateau
3 Newton's Last Mission Do Shapeshifters Dream Of Electric Sheep?
4 May The Best World Win 6955 kHz
5 Sneaking Sense Of Liberty The Abducted
6 Hot Brief Injection Entrada
7 Capturing The Dunhams Entrada
8 Take It To The Tank Entrada
9 The Original Dunham Entrada
10 I Thought She Was You Marionette
11 My So-Called Strife Marionette
12 Olivia
13 The Firefly The Firefly
14 Best Chase Scenario The Firefly
15 The Observers The Firefly
16 Reciprocity Reciprocity
17 The Persistence Of Walternate's Vision Subject 13
18 Imagination Building Subject 13
19 The House Of Birth Bloodline
20 Oppenheimer Maneuvers 6:02 AM EST
21 WWPD 6:02 AM EST
22 Singe And Surge 6:02 AM EST
23 Peter
24 Apocalypse In Judgement The Last Sam Weiss
25 As The Crowbar Flies The Last Sam Weiss
26 Wake Up And Smell The Catastrophe The Last Sam Weiss
27 The Way The World Crumbles The Last Sam Weiss
28 Walter Skelter The Day We Died
29 A Universe For A Universe The Day We Died
30 Funeral Pyre Straits The Day We Died
31 The Mourning After The Day We Died
32 We Are A Strange Loop The Day We Died
33 The Vanishing Bishop The Day We Died
34 Fringe Division